Yucatan Dive Tek is a full-service Technical Diving operation located on the Mexican Caribbean coast.


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About Yucatan Dive Tek

Yucatan Dive Tek is a full-service Technical Diving operation located on the Mexican Caribbean coast.

We specialize in delivering best-of-class Tek training, diving and trips. We own and operate two world-class facilities: XTC Tek Diving in the Xcalak Reef Marine Park where we offer Mixed-Gas Decompression diving and training on pristine Reefs and Dark Zone Diving, in the heart of the Riviera Maya´s Cave Country where we focus exclusively on Cavern and Cave Diving diving and training.

Through a close-knit network of in-house and freelance professionals we are able to offer unsurpassed Tek training and guided diving on Open Circuit SCUBA and on CCRs; both in back-mount and side-mount configurations; in caves and on deep reefs.

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Our World Class Facilities

Let YDT plan your next diving or training Technical diving to Mexico, wether it´s diving deep walls, Caves or crossing over to CCR.


XTC Tek Diving

At XTC Tek Diving we focus on exploring one of the last few pristine, unspoilt parts of the Meso-American Barrier Reef. We are fortunate that the continental shelf ends 200 yards from our pier, just beyond the Reef, allowing us access to 10,000+ ft (3,000+ meters) drop offs a couple of minutes from our pier. We offer the full range of Technical Diving training programs from Tec Basics, to Advanced (hypoxic) Trimix on Open Circuit SCUBA, CCRs; in Backmount or Sidemount configuration.

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Dark Zone Diving

Dark Zone Diving is located in Xpu-Ha, in the heart of the Riviera Maya´s Cave Country, between Akumal and Puerto Aventuras. From our state of the art facility we are able to organize guided Cavern and Cave diving to all of the established Cavern and Cave dive sites, plus to many off-the-beaten-path ones, some of which we have exclusive access to.

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The Rebreather Academy

Our Rebreather Academy is a one-stop-shop for Rebreather diving. We offer training on over 10 CCR´s; from basic, entry-level training to advanced mixed-gas diving in caves or on deep reefs.

We can organize guided diving for CCR divers in any environment and at any level, and can also provide logistical support (sorb, 02 fills, bailout gas) for experienced CCR divers.

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Additionally Services

Further, we offer the full range of Cavern and Cave training programs, from Tec Basics programs (desgined to learn diving fundamentals: buoyancy, trim and propulsion in Technical configuration) to full-Cave diver programs and beyond, with Cave specialties (stage, multi-stage, DPV, Technical Cave Diver) and everything in between. We are able to conduct these training programs in Open Circuit SCUBA, both in Backmount and Sidemount configurations, as well as on CCRs, also in Backmount or Sidemount configuration, and also offer cross-overs between configurations and systems at all levels.

In partnership with IANTD Mexico and Central America we offer the full range of IANTD Instructor and Instructor Trainer programs, and can also put together custom internships to make sure you don´t only get the ratings you are after, but walk away with the necessary hands-on experience, mentorship and co-teaching opportunities you need to excel as a Technical Diving Instructor, no matter where in the world you go.

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